Hello all.
I love iPod touches.
I love iPads.
I love iPhones.
I love Windows PCs...
I HATE macs!

Is there ANY way to make an app for iOS without a mac?
(I don't want to make a web app though, but even if you find a way for that please tell me!)



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In my case, i love Windows and Mac as well, and as for developing apps,
yeah, there are Third-party software or tools to make apps, but they will
never be as good as making them in a mac os computer. when i said Third-party,
i meant there are software out there that can allow you to make apps in Windows
and then to be run in iOS.

If you have a mac, all you need to do is create an account
in the apple website as a developer, is free, then the next
step is to downloas xcode also free for members only, then
start coding, i did the same, and the newest version of xcode
have new interface that make things a bit easier than before.
now it let you code like if we were coding in visual basic :-)

Man! Your teasing me now! I want to make apps for iOS with the real X-Code.

You can use Adobe Flash to make an app. You can draw buttons and custom GUIs. You have to learn action script though to learn how to handle the events the button creates.

You can use Adobe Flash to make an app.

How can he use Adobe Flash to make an iOS app, when iOS doesn't support Flash?

Apple pretty much has the whole App-making thing locked down to where you can't produce any iOS app without owning an Apple computer. From what I've heard, when Apple doesn't like an app they try to find something to reject it just to annoy the developers. Your best bet is to find a way around that, perhaps to virtualbox OSX so you can run xCode on a computer you want to use.

Looked into virtual box, but when I went to download OSX I found out it was about eight gig.
I dont have that much Internet.

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