I am studying and reviewing topics but haven't found definition that I somewhat favor, any answers for the below questions will be very helpful.

  • What exactly is meant by the phrase "interface for a class"?
  • Anyone knows any UML class diagram tutorial that they found helpful?
  • In UML what is meant by the terms sketching, blueprinting and generatining.
  • What is the difference between "is-a", "derived from" , "has-a" ?
  • When should I consider using composition over inheritance?
  • Is a vector via STL contiguous? Why?
  • Why with C++ compilers, a template cannot have its interface and implementaion separately compiled?
  • If class D is derived from based class B , B contains a variable size, D contains a functions that sets size to 0, Should size be private?

Sounds like a take-home quiz. Good luck with that. Google is an amazing search tool.