I have an existing Access database that works well using Access. However, the HR department has convinced management to change to Java as the programming language of choice. I have done very little programming in Java, and have NO CLUE how connect to an Access database (2003), how to read, edit, delete, add, or write back to it. Can someone help me?

I have researched all I can about JDBC and bridges. I've followed every link I can seem to locate now for about 5 days and I'm totally confused.

Some help with code would be great, if possible. My database is named HRSolutions. The two tables are Employees and History.



Excellent information!!! I will try at work and hopefully keep the boss happy. I'll let you know for sure when it happens. Thanks again!

Easysoft have a Driver that will allow the companies Java apps to talk to MS Access MS Access JDBC Driver

And NOW its 7+ years.

  • Commercial product advertising where there are free drivers available
  • You too late for original poster to by interested in this
  • Thread closed before more time travellers arrive....
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