this is my sourse code,i have indicated the error in the bottom of the sourse code .

import java.io.*;

public class Queue {

    private int maxSize;
    private int queArray[];
    private int front;
    private int rear;
    private int nItems;

    public Queue (int s) {
        maxSize = s;
        queArray = new int[maxSize];
        front = 0;
        rear = -1;
        nItems = 0;

    public void insert(int j) {
        if (rear == maxSize - 1) {
            rear = -1;
        queArray[++rear] = j;

    public int remove() {
        int temp = queArray[front++];
        if (front == maxSize) {
            front =0;
        return temp;

    public int peekFront() {
        return queArray[front];

    public boolean isEmpty() { 
        return (nItems==0);

    public boolean isFull() {
        return (nItems == maxSize);

    public int size() {
        return nItems;

the main mathod as public static void main(string[] args)

error:main method not found in class queue,please define

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The error is pretty clear. You don't have a main method defined in that class, so you cannot run it directly.


What program is giving you the error? javac or java

error:main method not found in class queue,please define

Where is the code for the queue class shown in the error message. You have posted code for the Queue class. Java is case sensitive so q is not the same as Q

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The javac command should not care if the class has a main() method. There is no requirement for a main() method for compiling a class.

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