Hi guys, I have some fundamental holes in my understanding of programming, so help would be appreciated, I’ve always had a problem getting my head around it. I don't have a very strong mental model of how the code flows. My main problem is i think i understand the syntax, but not really its application. Any links people found useful would be great.

Couple of questions. The code below doesn't make sense to me (written by someone else) the application is basically a csv reader, but manipulates the data.

Public Sub entryType()
    IsEntry = entryType.Other
    entryID = choiceType.Unknown
    If entryId = entryIdentifier.issue AndAlso Data IsNot Nothing Then
        For Each x In Data
                Dim ss As List(Of String) = x.Split(",").ToList()  'does this split the data incoming into array entities?

            For Each s As String In ss
                If s.Contains("entry:") Then
                    s = s.Replace("entry:", "").Trim()
                    Dim n As Integer = Val(s)
                    Select Case s
                        Case 0, 1
                            IsAnnotation = NotificationType.Issue      'where do the assignments go for all cases? 
                            AnnotationType = DirectCast(n, choiceType) 'my understanding here is they are assigned locally?
                        Case 3, 4
                            IsAnnotation = NotificationType.Action
                            AnnotationType = DirectCast(n, choiceType)
                        Case Else

                    End Select
                End If
    End If
End Sub

The below, actually returns a string of data, but i don't understand how if nothing is passed in? surely rep is local and declared as a new list?! Confused.

Public Function ReportSummary() As List(Of String)
        Dim rep As New List(Of String)

        Return rep

    End Function

Help would be much appreciated guys.

There's a lot missing from your code. It would help if you explain what it is you want to accomplish.

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