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    <name>Construction 2012</name>
        <jurisdiction name="Albania">
                    <name>All Questions</name>
                            <title>Joint ventures</title>
                            <full>Must foreign designers or contractors enter into a joint venture with a local contractor to design, build and be paid for their work? Does the law require that the local contractor control the joint venture?</full>
                                <p>Foreign designers or contractors do not need to enter into a joint venture with a local contractor in order to design, build and be paid in Albania. Nevertheless, where a joint venture exists between foreign designers or contractors and local contractors, the structure and control may be freely agreed between the parties (article 1080 of Law No. 7850/1994 - the Civil Code).</p>
            <authoringbody>Drakopoulos Law Firm</authoringbody>

expecting output which should be made in XSLT

expecting output which should be made in XSLT

Good for you thanks for telling us i'll sleep better tonight now i know that!

What problem are you facing ? you haven't stated that you're having a problem getting this output, or what you're doing in an attempt to gett his output you're just saying you're expecting this output. Are you getting errors or exceptions or are you just looking for someone to do your homework for you ?

If you ask a spacific question someone might be able to help you.

Edit: XSLT is used to ad a style to a document (font size, format, colour, spacing etc) in the same way CSS does. To get the out your require you beed to know what you want the output to look like. have a look at this Link, it's not the best but a quick search of something like "XSLT turoials" might give you some better tutorials.

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If your asking how to display the information the .xsl file is separate from the xml file use the tag <?xml-stylesheet href="*.xsl" type="text/xsl"?> above your <gtdt> tage

ChrisHunter is right here, we cannot provide help to a problem which we cannot even see let alone understand. If you give us the input (you have) and the output desired (lacking) we can find the solution.