I'm about to graduate and I've been applying for jobs. I know some basic programming languages and I asked the guy that I'm going to interview with on Tuesday if there is any specific language or program I should review. He said .Net

I know nothing about this particular language. When I look up info and tutorials I see that there is VB.net, ASP.net, DotNetNuke.

Is there just a regular .Net? Which do you think he is referring to? What is the difference between all of these? Also, can you recommend a good website or video tutorial series to learn the basics as quick as I can?

Thank you so much.

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He probably wants you to be familiar with the core .NET framework, and at least one language tied to it, such as C# or VB.NET.

Take a look at this list.
If you are familiar with any of those, it will probably be VB.NET or C# as @deceptikon mentioned.
The interviewer could also mean ANY of those languages that work on the CLR.

If you know any language that works on the CLR, you can generally work with any other compatible language.

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