My son found this website and wants to make his own project. This is what he has learnt:-

  • Inheritance
  • Serialization
  • GUI
  • KeyAdapter
  • Everything basic

He also wants it to be iterative (version 0.1, only bones, ver 0.2 some updating etc). Could you suggest any programs to build? Also, try to post as many projects as you can. That way if my son can't do a project, he will do the next one and so on.

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You know when i sit and ponder what projects to make i rarely look online, because any project given by another member might not have your sons interests at heart which for me doesnt make it a 'fun' project.
Think of what your son might like to make... maybe a small game like tic tac toe, guessing game, or something similar that incorporates whats his learned and let him have at it.... maybe even ask him what he'd want hos program to do... and adapt it to make it doable for his level of java.... however if you're willing to spend a few bucks this looks like a good one: http://www.kidwaresoftware.com/javatutor.htm

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