can anyone show me the point to get the tutorial on how to print
using shared printer in java (windows os) ?

thank you all

Are you taking about the destination choice list you get when printing?

Is that list created by what has been defined in the OS?

I don't know ,how to find out ?

When you print anything with any program, the dialog box for the print has a list of the printers the OS knows about.
Somewhere in the OS you can ask it what printers it knows about. In MS Windows, the Control Panel has an Icon for Printers. Open that will show you a list of the printers the OS knows about.

yes ,the printer is already available in the list ,
but when I print ,there is nothing printed,or dialog arise


Can you post a small simple program that compiles, executes and shows the problem?

Hi NormR1
the problem has been overcome

Thank you