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Office Addin
Hello all

I've searched Google for hours, with no success.
I have developed an Office 2010 addin application. The application adds another form to Outlook.(Form Region) The application (let's call it A) works great! I can send emails from my Outlook with this form (filled or not filled with data from the user).

So far so good.

Now, I have another winapp. It has textBoxes. (Let's call this app B).

What I need:

I need to take the data that the user enters in B's textBoxes, and put in inside A (inside the Region form).
So i tried to add A as another Project to B's Solution. Ok, but I can't access it...

I can't add it using : Add reference->Projects
Since Office addin is not really a project.

How can It be achieved.??

I will gladly explain again, if something wasnt clear enough.

Thank you.


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