hello friends! can anybody guide me that how to download office on my win7

Microsoft's productivity suite is not free. They do have free viewers which will allow you to open and read files like Word, Excel, Viso, etc.

For those of you who don't understand spanish "LibreOffice" translates to "FreeOffice". LOL.

There is no such thing as free Microsoft Office no matter what is the version. The only Office suite which is free are LibreOffice and Open Office which is quite good by the way.

There was, for a time, Microsoft Office Starter. This version of Office was free, but restricted to basic functionality. However, this version of office was only available to OEM resellers - therefore only available preinstalled on a Computer. MS have ended its availability via OEM Resellers.

As said, there is LibreOffice, and also:

Google Doc's
Kingsoft office
Softmaker Freeoffice (Also great on mobile devices)
IBM Lotus Symphony (a little complicated for some, but you'll pick it up)

i personally run libra office as my main office program but i also have installed kingsoft office which is also free, both will open ms office and save docs as .doc the ms office format. hope this helps

david quick question, does kingsoft also work with the new office formats eg ".docx, .pptx, which is the format for office docs from 2007 onwards, the .doc format does work with 2007+ but the newer format does not have backwards compatability.

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