Basically, it is an open source software creation application that revolves around databases (similar to Microsoft Visual studio in some aspects but with python as the language). The user will be able to create forms with a drag and drop GUI builder, create an SQLite database and add functionality to the forms defining how they interact with the database. However you will not need any python or programming experience for that matter to add functionality to your programs because it will use a node system (similar to that of Blender 3D's node system or logic brick system which originaly gave me the idea).

Heres just a quick concept sketch I did in the GIMP to show some of the basic functions of the node system.

One of the main focuses of the application is for it to be easy to use and learn, not just for programmers, so that anyone can make thier own simple program that uses a database.

Now the reason I'm posting this is so I can get some feedback on this idea, what sort of features you feel would be useful, how it should look, and just any ideas or general feedback that you have. I'll try keep this thread up to date with concepts, screenshots and snippets and I would really appreciate any feeback I can get. :)

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You should have debugging capability.

I trust this will be cross-platform to keep up with the spirit of Python.

I trust that you have actual user who think they prefer this compared to learning to progrm (say easygui)

You should have debugging capability

To be honest that was something I hadn't really thought of but it would be extremely helpful and useful addition for all users I'll definitely try and add it.

I trust this will be cross-platform to keep up with the spirit of Python.

Of course, I'll be testing it on Windows 7 and Ubuntu the whole time but I don't own a Mac so I'll try sort something out for that.

I have created a few GUI databases using pickle and thought about building something like what you are talking about. Im really willing to help out if you need a partner in this project, i can give you the source code of a database i created for a class project. Also Im running on a Macintosh so i can try out your code if you're still in need of a mac box.

Unfortunately I can't have anyone else helping me code it for now since its a final year school project, however once its been submitted for that in a month or two I would really appreciate some help expanding it, making it more powerful and versatile for release to the public.

As for the Mac bit, that would be really helpful so I'll try keep in touch with you and sort that out.

haha what's with schools and databases? i spent two all nighters last term building a database in python for a school project too! anyway please get in touch!

and also if you would like to see my database that i created i can send it to you

and also if you would like to see my database that i created i can send it to you

No thats ok.

Just a quick show of progress on some concepts as well as a screenshot of the node system testing created using wxPython.

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