I am trying to create a Win Form Application which is supposed to be a full extented Svreen siaze(Full Screen).To do this I have set the
WindowsState Property to "Maximized" but I have encountring with two problem.
1- It seems the WinForm is setting the Full Screen Size only with my current Monitor(HP 22") and when ever I run the Application .exe file in my laptop (14" Monitor) only the left side of WinForm (Probably something equl to 14" of the main Form) displays on the scressn!
2- Im case the we want to create a Full screen mode how we must to deal with From.cs[Design] size? I mean if I want to position a control at right of a Full Screen Form do i have to set the From.cs[Design] size as big as the screen size? if so , how I can figure out the size of screens? and if not? How I can position controls accuratly?

Thanks For Your time in advance.

The screen size is a design time feature, not a runtime feature. There is a Screen class for you to get the various attributes of the screen(s).