I need implementation of this problem using ADT List. It should have at least 3 modules( classes). Help me please! A math teacher needs a program in order to help students to test different properties of numbers. The
program manages a list of numbers and also allows students to repeatedly execute the following
functionalities (each functionality is exemplified):
1. Add numbers into the list.
a. add 123 – adds 123 at the end of the list
b. insert 123 at 1 – insert number 123 at position 1 in the list; positions are numbered from 0.
2. Modify elements from the list.
a. remove 1 – removes the element at position 1.
b. remove from 1 to 3 – removes the elements at positions 1,2, and 3.
c. replace 1 3 5 with 5 3 – replaces all the occurrences of sublist 1 3 5 with the sublist 5 3.
3. Write the numbers having different properties.
a. prime from 1 to 5 – writes the prime numbers between position 1 and 5 in the list.
b. odd from 1 to 5 – writes the odd numbers between position 1 and 5 in the list.
4. Obtain different characteristics of sublists.
a. sum from 1 to 5 – writes the sum numbers between position 1 and 5 in the list.
b. gcd from 1 to 5 - writes the greatest common divisor of elements between position 1 and
5 in the list.
c. max from 1 to 5 – writes the greater element of the sublist from position 1 to 5.
5. Filter.
a. filter prime – retains only the prime numbers.
b. filter negative –retains only the negative numbers.
6. Undo the last operation.
a. undo – the last operation that has modified the list of numbers is cancelled.

Unfortunately we do not do homeworks, but we do help if you get stuck and post your code and debugging efforts.

is not a homework, i just want to learn the concept. I`m not at school, I try to learn C++ on my own.

It still makes you learn if we give things freely, so please show what you can do and we can carry on from there.

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