After a long time am back to coding,Actually i want to create a calculator ,it will work like drag and drop the text file to the RICHTEXTBOX and i want to get the output on the TEXTBOX1. It will come like randomly " 12+13-7+8-23+7 " like this on 123.txt file, what i want to do is just i want to drag this file to the text box and i want  to get the output on TEXTBOX1..


Please fix your post up. So you want to make a calculator but you can drag a text file to get the equation?

ceiling i want the both
not a equation

What i want is

  1. i want one richtextbox
  2. drag a text file to richtextbox
  3. richtexbox will do the fuction
  4. output will be shown on the textbox1

eg: text file be look like inside the quotes " 1+2-3+2 "
output will be 3 on textbox1 while clicking the button or timer (that i will do) i want the code of reading the numbers and symbol seperately.

thanks for your valuble info gusano,link is very nice and am workingon that, help me complete my project

i have started mywork i will not complete my work, so any one please help me...

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