I have an application that will be minimized and running in the background. I want this application to have it's own moveable mouse so that it does not use my current mouse. How can I accomplish this?

I'm not exactly sure where to start to create a mouse for it.

Its for Windows. Uhh A carret is that blinking thing we get in a text editor when typing right? I can't use a carret to click. I actually want to create a mouse that I can programatically move and make it click stuff in my application window while I'm free to use my actual mouse to do other things.

DisableMouseButton: Lets the user click on the applications surface. Allows user to control application mouse.
EnableMouseButton: Blocks the user from controlling the application mouse. Application can use it's own mouse to click on it's surface while the user is doing other stuff with the actual mouse.

I just don't know how to actually create the mouse.

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