I am trying to design a game for a school kids (6-15 age) and I need a specific help... If you can of course... First of all
the program (game) will be an "Open sources" I don't really like to sell my programs so, I will create for free... I have work with visual
studio before with other program that have Sql database etc and I didn't have any problem since the programs goes for a company that
the users are more used to GUI.. Now for a kids 6 year old it should be different.. I am trying to find a ways to build the program as much easier I can so any ages be able to used it.. The problem is visual basic doesn't have the proper tools for that, and I am looking for ways to build a good GUI..I have already find reference like "dotNet" but I really don't know how installed proper since I get a lot of error message because seems I am using already other version for the old programs that I had build....So if you know any way to create an "Advanced form design" into visual basic 2010 or visual studio 2010 I will appritiate a lot.... I really don't want to change into C# or C++ since It will take a lot of time to develop a whole graphical unic interface, probably I will stay into visual basic/studio... At the end I want to create the same program for linux... A lot of our schools here starts using linux distro (thats awesome!! :D ) I am using linux for a long time
but basic for my job, creating ip tables etc (for networks).. I have also fixed a bug for nvidia-drives (basic it's a script on my laptop) and I really didn't try to build a real program or a simple application so if you know a places, pdf or something etc website formus that can refer into linuc programing please let me know.....

(NOTE:: basic I want to insert windows shadows, button shapes, different kind of tool bars easy to used... etc)

Thank you in advance..!!
Best Regards