Hi guys I need help on how to create a remake of the popular tetris game for my csharp project. I am wondering how I will be able to design the tetris blocks on my own, I mean can I do it in xna? I tried once to use xna but it wasn't helpful because the tutorial I saw from the internet already had a downloadable file wherein all the models in .fpx format that will be used in the game were already inside a folder so all I did was to simply drag and drop it in the contents of the reference in visual studio. Can I do something like creating my own design in xna? Can I use xna like paint to build my graphics?

I just need some guide here since it's my first time to design for a csharp game, thanks in advance guys. I will totally appreciate all kinds of help.

XNA is a framework for building games, it's not a graphics editor, 3d modeler, etc. It contains classes that will simplify making a game, but you'll have to provide all the images.

okay so that's how it works! Thank you very much, by the way? Can you suggest any 3d modeler that I can use for my tetris??? Plsss...

Tetris is a 2D game, you can use paint to make the objects.

how can I do that? say for example I want to make the letter "L" block... how do I make it a .fpx file?

For a bi-dimensional game you would not be using .fpx files. You will be using texture files: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .pxr, and so on. The blocks in a tetris game are mainly just made using multiple block images. For example, the L shape would be 3 blocks down and one block over, adding in a new block to each space, rotating each block in space in response to the others in the shape. If you want my opinion though, start out small; start with a simple game like pong. If you need some help I can introduce you to the wonderful world of XNA development. I've produced several games to XBOX Live Indie Games. I'm easily contactable through this site, but if you need a quicker way to communicate I'm always on Skype and my username is unrain010. The '0' are zeros.

More to the subject you were asking about though, a game of Tetris requires a decent knowledge of arrays. My advice is to learn your basics of the framework if you truly are new to it. Here is a list of games in the order I made them in that helped me learn XNA Framework:

Super Mario (NES Version)
Pokemon Yellow (Just the first couple of towns)

Snake 3D
Pacman FPM 3D (First Person Muncher)
Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2
Doom (First Level)
Halo (First two levels)

Around the time I completed my Super Mario clone I started working on my own games (as you can see with the Pacman FPM 3D title). I was able to generate ideas and graphics with no problems. If you need graphics for 2D games I'm pretty good with Photoshop and can help out anytime you need.

To use images into XNA Framework Games:

// Create a Texture2D variable used to store your image:
Texture2D PaddleTexture;

// Load the texture in the load content method:
LoadContent() {
    PaddleTexture = Content.Load<Texture2D>("PaddleTexturesName");

// Draw the texture in the draw method:
Draw(GameTime gameTime) {

    spriteBatch.Draw(PaddleTexture, new Rectangle(20, 20, PaddleTexture.Width, PaddleTexture.Height),

If you still wish to pursue the Tetris clone I can answer any further questions you have about it. But I can tell you it's a big project, multiple classes, sounds, graphics, menu, everything becomes un-manageable if you don't know the framework very well.

Hope I Helped A Little: