How do I search a linked list for a string ? findXX(string) , for instance.

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Can't edit the post....

Or could I not ask the user what book he's looking for and then....

if (NameList1.contains("JName of Book")) {
    // code to execute if book is in the list

About the traversing..

ref =;

Node ref = mylist;
while (ref != null)
ref =

That's what the book gives me. SOmething like that ?+

Yes, so you loop through the list checking the value for each node to see it it's the one you're looking for.

How do I exactly do this, though.

//get user input 
    input = JoptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter the name of the book:");

    variable = String.parseString(variable);

    if (LinkedList.contains("Name of Book")) {
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Result ");

Is LinkedList.contains correct? I need a variable, I guess. How do I do this here with a linked list?

If you are using the Java API LinkedList class then yes, but if you are writing your own LinkedList class then you have to use a loop to search all the nodes for the value you want

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