can anyone kindly help me in writing a program for creating an address book. Its kinda urgent and I ll be really grateful.
program description:
develop a program for an address book.single entry in an address book is called a contact, which can have any of the following fields,
1. first name 2. last name 3. nickname 4. email1 5. email2 7. phone1 8. phone2 9. address 10.website 11.birthday 12.notes
a contact must have at least one of the first four fields to be valid.in the address book the user should be able to
1.add a contact
2.display all contacts sorted by a chosen field
3.display details of a single contact
4.remove a contact
5.find all contacts matching a keyword in a given field
6.modify a contact
7.export the address book to csv format file
8.exit the program
when the program is executed it takes a single command line argument:the name of the input file from which it reads an address book. all the modifications should be saved to the same original file on exit.

[A] add user shd be prompted for fields one by one. if any one of first 4 fields not there error: Invalid entry: the contact could not be created
[D] display sorted by first name last name nickname email
[C] display details of contact preview of address book shown and user prompted for the index of the contact whose details to be displayed.
[R] remove contact preview of address book shown and user prompted for the index of the contact whose details to be removed.
[M] modify contact
[F] find contacts matching
[E] export to csv format
[Q] exit

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Please post, what you have done so far and in which step you are struck, for further assistance from our experts.


Are you looking for assistance, or for someone to write the whole application from scratch?
I'm a bit busy today, but I might be able to write it/help you write it tomorrow.

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