i have 5 form that with 4 form to enter input and the last form is to make a calculation and display the output.But the problem is,i cannot get the calculation and the output to be played because the last form does not attach the input that i have enter in form 1 to 4.can anybody please help me with this solution?

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I don't understand your question very well, but I think that you need a public variable in every form from 1 to 4. You assign the value of input and you get its value from form 5 with a form1.yourvariable.
Please, forgive me if I'm wrong.

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You can use andre concept.
Add module, make public variable to accomodate your inputs in form 1 to form 4.
set every input to those variable in each form.
Ex :

'in module
Public a,b,c,d as Integer

'in form1
a = Val(Text1.Text)

'in form2
b = Val(Text2.Text)

'in form3
c = Val(Text3.Text)

'in form4
d = Val(Text4.Text)

'in form5
Text5.Text = Val(a+b+c+d)
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