Hello i was assigned for a task to find the Name and books Taken as a count from the given TWO array table , I wrote a program but it's not working , experts pls help me out!!

commondata b/w the TWO ARRAY TABLES are - ID of a student

Array 1 Array 2
Stuid stuname stuid Bookname
1 Albie 1 OOPS
2 Morkel 2 CNA
3 Jmes 1 ComputerNw
3 OOPs

#define SIZE 6
void search(char *arr1[][],char *arr2[][])
    {       //int x = sizeof(arr1); int y = sizeof(arr2)
        int j,k;
            for( j=0;j<SIZE-1;j++)
                for( k=0;k<SIZE-1;k++)
                {   int count = 0;
                    if(arr1[j][0] == arr2[k][0])
                        count += 1;

                return count;   
            printf("StudentID\t : BooksTanken\t\n");
                    printf("%c \t\t %d \t\n",arr1[j][1],count); }
int main()
//  char array1[2][1],array2[5][1];
// Actual Given Array Table
    char  array1[3][2]={
            char array2[6][2]={
    printf("We're Begining the Comaprison Here !!\n\n");

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