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/* Name: Ashley Powell
   File Name: Employee */

public class Employee extends Person
    private double annualSalary; 
    private int hiredYear; 
    private String ID; 

    public Employee(String initialName, double 
initialSalary, int joinedYear,
                    String id) {     

        annualSalary = initialSalary;
        hiredYear = joinedYear; 
        ID = id;

    public void setAnnualSalary(double newSalary){
        annualSalary = newSalary;


    public void sethiredYear(int year) {
        hiredYear = year;


    public void setID(String newID) {
        ID = newID;

    public double getAnnualSalary() {
        return annualSalary;

    public int getHiredYear() {
        return hiredYear;


    public String getID() {
        return ID;

    public boolean equals(Employee otherEmployee) {
        if (name.equals(otherEmployee.name))
            if (annualSalary ==
                if (hiredYear ==
                    if (ID == otherEmployee.ID)
                    return true;

            return false;


        public void writeOutput() {

            System.out.printIn("Employee Name: " + name);

            System.out.printIn("Employee Annual Salary: " + 
            System.out.printIn("Employee Hired Year: " + 
            System.out.printIn("Employee ID: " + ID);


i needed to create program to extend person

   Name: Ashley Powell
   File name: EmployeeTest.java


import java.util.*;

public class EmployeeTest
   public static void main(String[] args)

            Employee e1 = new Employee("John Doe", 50000, 2003,

         Employee e2 = new Employee("Mary Poppins", 89000, 1999,


         Employee e3 = new Employee("Jake Benibble", 69000, 2001,

            Employee e4 = new Employee("Pippin Longstalkings",49000, 1998,




error is Employee.java:66: error: cannot find symbol
            System.out.printIn("Employee Name: " + name);
  symbol:   method printIn(String)
  location: variable out of type PrintStream
Employee.java:68: error: cannot find symbolInline Code Example Here



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That's println (short for print line). You have a capital I for India instead of a lower case l for Liverpool

thanks after 2 hours i did figure that out. thanks again

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