Hi i came up with the following code for my Assignment.It works.What i dont understand was the following code, the rest of the code i did myself.

if ( value == 1 )
    smallest = randomNum;

Why do i need to assign value to 1?
Rest of my codes

System.out.println("How many integers shall we compare? (Enter a positive integer):");
            ii = input.nextInt();

            for (value = 1;value<=ii; value++)   
                System.out.print("Enter value " + value + ":");
                randomNum = input.nextInt();  

            if ( value == 1 )
                smallest = randomNum;

            else if (randomNum < smallest)
                smallest = randomNum;           

            System.out.println("The smallest number entered was: " + smallest);



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First, '==' operator is not an assignment operator. It is comparison. Assignment operator is '='.

Second, the if statement is used to set the first value as your smallest value since it has nothing to compare to, it will always be the smallest value in your random number.

Have fun! = )

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