I just downloaded netbeans and when I went to start a C++ project I was told that Netbeans couldn't find a C++ compiler. When I use to play around witt MS Visual C++ I never ran into a problem like this, Can anyone tell me what's up and what I can do about it? Also, though I want to learn to program I might as well learn a language that can get me a job. What is the beast language out there to get you hired? Thanks again.

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Netbeans requires that you install the compiler separately (because it can work with different compilers). MS Visual C++ installs the MS compiler along with the IDE, that's why you won't have that problem with MSVC. If you also have MSVC installed, then you should be able to configure Netbeans to find it and use it. Otherwise, you can install MinGW (a windows port of GCC). You can get it here, and follow the instructions given on that page. Then, you'll have to get Netbeans to find the compiler (should be easy through menus or wizards). If you don't want to go through that trouble, just use CodeBlocks that comes with a MinGW installation, and is also a pretty good free IDE.

What is the beast language out there to get you hired?

That's too long to answer, and requires context as to what kind of jobs you seek (gaming, web-apps, database, server applications, scientific programming, etc., etc.). C++ is certainly a very good and generic choice, and does dominate some big areas (mostly high-performance and high-reliability software), and it is part of the languages you "need to know" to be a well-rounded programmer, but, in some areas like web development, C++ is virtually useless (beyond giving you a greater range of knowledge).

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Thanks. I'M currently looking at Java, C++, and C# and don't know which one would be best for getting the job, any job so long as it's not in a factory.

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