I used to use a tutorial for windows console API, but the website was taken down :(. So now I need to ask how to do these things (which ALL were included on the website) in the console with windows API:

  • Mouse events (clicks and unclicks)
  • Cursor seeking (to any x/y coordinate)
  • Colour changing
  • Keyboard events (specifically arrow keys)

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How did you find the website before? How do you think you can find another website with similar information?

I tried googling my butt off, but did not find any tutorial that had similar information that wasnt hiding behind a bunch of useless information which would take me quite a long time to sift through. If somebody knows the right functions off-hand that would be very helpful. I seem to recall SetConsoleXXX functions?

Thank you! Those were perfect. By the way, the tutorial I used to use had a green-yellow background. If it ever resurfaces ill post it here, it was incredibly easy to follow and simple.

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