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Right now im planing to setup 5databases for each store(5 loan branch). Each branch encode customer and loan account. Also hold each db for the branch inventory. For single branch the database works perfectly (encode transaction and produce reports).

Now my problem is.. I want to centralize my database. for example. My Loan record is in the Branch A. now im in the Branch B. I want to pay/down some cash for my account without going to Branch A. what is the best flow for this? could somebody share some idea. how can i manage this upgrade using the 5db?

any flow chart or presentation for this well truly appreciated.

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Data base needs to be in centralized server and all branches needs to access the same.

the problem for a single db/online db is when i have no internet the transaction will automatically stop. Im avoiding this procedure.
hmmm.. it will be easy if i have only 1 db for all the branches but the net connection is required. other suggestion and idea guys...

by the way thanks for the reply debasisdas

internet is not required, you can work on a centralized DB with your intranet.

hmm... Im using mysql for my db. can you give sample link on how to apply this.? im well interested.

thanks ..

can you access your centralized server from all the 5 branches ?

how do intranet works? my problem right now is how to access it without using the internet. . by the ways each branch distance more or less 1 city far. im still confuse with your answer. sorry for that mr debasisdas.

back to my 3rd question

hmm... Im using mysql for my db. can you give sample link on how to apply this.? im well interested

how can i use the intranet for my project.

hope you can give me some detailed tips/information.

thank always for replying..

Im still looking forward on how banks works. for example. im using Bank A for my ATM account. but when im in others bank (Bank B) when i insert my ATM card. i can still view my balance. so this way. im still looking answer for my first question. (using multiple database.)

I admit that 1 db is good like websites. is more easier to manage.

Even if you are using five databases, if you ultimately want to consolidate the data you will need a branch identifier in every table. Thus you will have a compound key in every table.

eg for Loan Table

for Customer table

The limitation you are building into this design is that if a customer moves from one branch to another you will need to have a way of migrating his records

thank for the reply chris. yap i already set it up that way. each record for every branches hold "branchID" field. Anyways thank you.

Im more confuse for the editing of records and payments. On how to manage my db architecture.

offline and online mode for transaction.
any idea. ?

By online/offline i presume you mean when you are connected to the central system or not. You should always store and edit in you local branch database. You will then need to synchronise this periodically with your central database.

The simplest way is to simply delete and reinsert the records each time you wish to synch.

DELETE * FROM LoanCentral WHERE BranchId=MyBranchId
INSERT INTO LoanCentral (BranchId, LoanId, ......) SELECT BranchId, LoanId ..... FROM Loan