I'm sorry about this being a kind of a raw question, but I'm just not really even sure which direction is right to head at.
Anyway, let me explain the problem;

I have a game, written in C++/SDL for PC, and I'm looking at possibilities of integrating Facebook activity into it(Upload screenshots from the game, posting status from the game to your profile, etc), but I am quite baffled.

The first thing I checked as a possibility, naturally, was if such an API exists natively for C++, but apparently there is nothing.

The second method I came up with was to use Facebook's API for web using Javascript, or one of the other languages it supports, and call in a command from inside the C++ program to open up the JS app and use command arguments to manage automatic uploading.
The problem I ran into with this one is that, looking at the documentation on Facebook's developer page, there is no way to automate the process, and they only have code snippets in which I'll require my users to interact with the uploader app themselves instead of letting it work behind the scenes so they could continue playing.

Third, and this is one that I have not looked too much into because it just seemed to complicated to be feasible, is to create an applet using Java, or one of the languages Facebook supports for Facebook Apps, that will be launched using a command from the game's program, that app will already be on Facebook, so I'm atleast assuming that it'll have some access to status posting and image uploading naticely.
The game's program will upload the request status or image via command arguments, and the app will work as a middlepoint between the game and your Facebook profile.
Regarding this one, I have not checked much about the background of it, and honestly, I'm not even sure that passing command arguments to it would even be possible...

So, that leaves me asking you guys, are any of you aware of a solution to uploading from C++ to Facebook profile?
Do any of these ideas are worth pursuing? Maybe something else?

Thanks alot!

Sorry for the bump, but this thread is already down a few pages and the solution still eludes me, and I really need to learn something soon so I can tell where to take my project next.

So, does anyone know anything?