Design a Java Application project for maintaining Employee Information in a company. Follow the instructions below for further details.
(i) Create a class named EmpDetails.
(ii) Declare variables emp_name as String (To hold employee name), emp_id as Integer (To hold employee id), emp_desig as String (To hold designation of the employee) and basic as Integer (To hold the basic salary of the employee).
(iii) Define and declare a method named read_data( ) that reads the name, id, designation and basic salary of the employees from the user.
(iv) Define and declare a method named salary( ) that calculates the gross salary of all the employees from the basic salary. (Gross Salary = Basic Salary – EPF – Socso where EPF is 11% of Basic Salary and Socso is 1% of Basic Salary)
(v) Define and declare a method named show_data( ) that prints the name, id, designation and gross salary of all the employees to the user.
(vi) The program should enable the user to have the database of atleast 25 employees.
(vii) Create another class named Employee and declare the main( ) method in it.
(viii) Create object for EmpDetails in the main( ) method and use the same to access the methods.

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ill think this is the question...ive not done yet this coding bcoz its make my head dizzy about this question...thats why i need someone help to solve it or show some example for me....i hope u can help me with this question....ty

The forum has lots of code examples. Take a look around.
When you have some problems with your code, post the code and your questions.

The best way to solve a hard problem is to do it one small step at a time.

thx for ur help...which part i need to click to check the example in this blog?? a bit confusing...

Do a Search or ask Google.