Is It Possible To Use C++ With Html, It Would Be Verry Help Full In My Programing?

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Care to elaborate that could have a variety of intrepretations?

This was the old way of doing it using CGI, you create an exe in C++ or some other suitabe language say PERL) This is put in a special directory on the web server (the cgi bin) and you call it from your HTML. It is not a very scalable solution however.

If you are using ASP or ASP.NET you can create your own COM components in C++ and use them in your web applications.

Lastly I'd say if you are a C language type of guy just look into PHP it has a very C like style but is ludicrously easy to code web stuff with (and many other things) and was designed for the internet anyway.

im verry ignorant with vocab so what does scalable and ludicrously mean. o so thats what cgi is i have allways wanted to know what it was and u clarified it so i could understand it perfictly um so isnt it the thing in witch html forms go to then sends it to the web page designer or whoever given when user submits form? and could u have, in html,c++ in bedded within the code for example

<style ="text/css"> but instead <style="text/c++">or in stead of c++ u exe the c++ file ,from the compiler,to the page. in html?

yes u can do that
and i did it during my practice
just enclose html code inf printf like

printf("<html><body><h1>Hello world</h1></body></html>");

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