check ur parameter names in code and in crystal shud be the same.....


also check the dateformat in SQL database the date datatype saves in yyyy-MM-dd format.....

make use of date format only in SQL database and when creating a parameter use a worked for me....

No,this din't work out for me

Ok The problem is :
1]Its not showing any report if I click on Button. The button is where all the above codings are done.
2]So,I connected Crystal Report to Crystal Report Viewer i.e. the connection is done through the small arrow we can see on the crystal report viewer.
3] I run the form and both the form and the Crystal Report pops up.
Crystal Report directly asks to choose the frmdate and todate and after choosing it does'n show any result,it closes that box.
4] On the form,Where the 2 datetimepickers and button and crystal report viewer are shown:
Here after clicking on button there is no result.

I tried my best...may be someone else will be able to help u....sorry

Yeah dear thanks for trying to help me out :)

<?php echo "hai"?>


Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Imports CrystalDecisions.Shared
Imports CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine
Public Class dani

Hey Iamateur is your report working fine???

you had said that u

connected Crystal Report to Crystal Report Viewer i.e. the connection is done through the small arrow we can see on the crystal report viewer.

actually that is not needed....

in ur rpt files.....there are two tabs....below....

  1. Main Report Preview
  2. Main Report....

Check whether u r able to get the report in ur Preview window....if yes means crystal report is correct and ur coding is wrong....

Ok its stil not working.
I just thoguht to ask u for confirm ,the fromdate and todate in crystal report should be discrete values or multiple values or range values?

from date and two date will be the two parameters in crystal reports in which ur crystal report will show the data in that range.....

Poojavb I know that will show the dates range.
While creating parameter and its datatypes in crystal report there will be 3 options discrete values ,range value,all multiple values.
I tried with all options but none showed the expecting result.

You dont have to make any changes there...

while creating parameters....just enter the parameter name and the datatype type...and nothing....

Still in the Value options if you want the values
Allow discrete values - > True
allow range value -> false
allow multiple values ->false

Ok I had used only discrete values too but it din't work out

can anyone help me to show steps in creating crystal report?

i've developed a desktop database application and i've created several reports. i view the reports on a crystalreportviewer embedded on a different form. viewing the reports and exporting works fine in the vb2010. but when i deploy the application and click on the export button on the crystalreportviewer i get an error saying
method not found:

am using
Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2010
VB2010 target framework = .NET Framework 4
Windows 8.1 64bit
MS Access 2013

Please help ASAP.