how can i convert xml based script; which is created by SqlYog software. I want to convert this xml based script to batch file (full coding from xml to batch file script; not only batch(.bat) format.) So i can run the synchronization / backup directly clicking with batch file.

give me code for this procedure.
@echo off


type format.

thank you ashwin for help me!

but i have a issue and somehing to ask that how can i run my xml files according to your links. I tried them in cmd shell too but not successful.

Kindly help me again! with proper procedure :)

in cmd shell, the way to escape ^ < > & = " etc is to use the escape character ^ so you can embed the XML directly in the script like I did to put in for a compiler wrapper a xml manifest for embedding in the exe using the resource compiler. the basic cross-platform compatibility one is the one I use.

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