im on win 8. neither can i find the bin folder as i could on my xp machine , nor do i get any command line. googleing didnt help much either. either i got some really hard to understand mysql doc page , with no specific answer to my problem nor any help on non-server installation.

note: by client mode , i installed through custom, and de-selected the server box , and .net and exel connections , and the docs , and installed everything else. ver : 5.6 community server. windows installer.

its really frustrating to not be able to do something on win8 that i could so easily on xp. in xp i had a 32Mb 5.5 installer download from file-hippo and even that gave me a nice command line to work with. i installed the 5.6 version of the same , and whatever command line it gave , flashed once and then went off. im learning sql and i plan to write my code on notepad++ and run it on the command line. but no luck so far. Will be thankful for any help regarding this matter.

installed the server part to get the command line. i had a server installation (downloaded from file-hippo) which didnt work(as mentioned above). hence was skeptical. this however ran fine. and i have a command line working now.

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