I am writing some data to a particular xml file .There is one element for which the attribute value contains & ,
eg :

XmlAttribute value=doc.CreateAttribute("Value");

Output: <Element1 Value="&amp;quot;">

What is the escape sequence for printing an & in an xml file ??

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When you are setting the value of the attribute, you don't have to worry about the xml escape sequence, just the c# escape sequence \". Try the following code:

var doc = new XmlDocument();

var rootElement = doc.CreateElement("root");


var elementWithAttribute = doc.CreateElement("child");

var valueAttribute = doc.CreateAttribute("value");

valueAttribute.Value = "&\"Hello World\"";



var xmlStr = doc.InnerXml;

// at this point, the value of xml string is: 
// <root><child value="&amp;&quot;Hello World&quot;" /></root>

hey thank yo so much

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