Hi ive been given some question as part of a homework assignment, just to clarify i dont want the answers to the questions just advice as to where to look for resources.

The Socket programming model and how that model works in Java, explaining clearly how Sockets support a simple Client-Server networked application, and the role and use of threads in creating more complex, multiple-client networked applications. Describe the structures available within Java that support multi-threaded applications

Why i dont understand is what it means by the programming model and the structures.

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The "programming model" is the design and intention behind the classes and APIs, so if you understand how the classes and methods all fit together to make an application then you have understood the programming model. "Structures" usually refers to data structures, but in an OO language these are usually hidden behind the API methods. In the case of Java I would have to treat "structures" as being the same as "programming model" - ie a set of classes and public methods that fit together to meet an application requirement.
Anyone else?

So what i need to know is how the socket interacts with things or the way its is laid out in code?
again with the the muti threading does it mean the classes that i use?
What im struggling wih i how to answer this question.

I would answer this by describing the public classes/methods and how you have to select and use them together. How they work internally is private.
Perhaps someone who did their degree a bit more recently that me can chip in here?

Guess not, thanks anyway.

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