Hey there,
I have an application which have multiple tab pages. On of these pages I have a group box with many controls that do something.
Now the problem is I want to add exactly the same group box by the current one that can have different paparemeters.
This is exactly the way that i want to add comparison capability between to set of parameters.
I have more than 500 lines of code that responde to changes of these parameters and does something.
Is there any way to replicate the the whole gropbox and use the same code for both and and being able to difrentiate between gropboxes.
I think there was an array control in vb 6 but I am not sure if this the best way to do this in vb.net.
What is the best way to do this for the least amount of changing the code and wasting time.

I appreciate any idea and help,

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There is a control collection in the tab page that contains the controls and containers in the tab. Each container contains a controls collection that can be containers and/or controls. So the structure is recursive, an can be easely navigated to discover the controls and containers and, according to those discovered, create/add new containers controls on the destination page with the same structure.

Maybe, a memberwise clone of the tab page can also do the tric.

Hope this helps

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