I trying to create a windows forms app that also starts a webservice that hosts some webmethods. The webservice is used by different users that connect to it to generate some data. The webservice, in his turn, connects to a public webserver with a certificate from a usb token.

Now why I'm trying to get this to work is:

  • when my webservice access the public webservice the first time it requires authentification with the certificate from the usb token, which pops-up a window to insert the token PIN number.
  • if i host the webservice in a webserver (IIS) the window never pops up because iis is not interactive
  • i can make the app only window forms based but then i'd have to use tcp protocol which i do not trust for file transfers.
  • web service uses http + forms allow me to popup the pin dialog.

But how can i combine them. In development mode i can instanciate the webservice and call it's functions... but that's only local... How ca i create an instance and make it remotely available.


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If you want that your WinForm application react as a web service server first you have to write TCP/IP server then implement one of web service protocols you want to use, usually SOAP. For more information about protocols Click Here


Well I am not sure if my answer is relevent but I think you are asking about how to host that service so that you can interact with that when it is hosted on IIS.What I did was that I first created a WCF webservice library and then added a WCF service Application to same solution made the reference to webservice library and configured it's end points.You can contact me if you like my id on skype is qadeer37

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