That was the problem. I had one Customer variable and it kept having its values replaced so alway printed out the last set of values.
Simple fix, I made my method thad adds Customers to the map create a new Customer object each time it was called (a button press)
Onward and upwards now!
Thank you

Next on the agenda.

Each Customer object will hold a List of Repair objects.

In my text area the shop owner will type details of the devices problem, like so;
"Screen not working.
Making a clunking sound when powered on.
Never previously been opened."

This seems way to long to be held as a String. Would StringBuilder be a better type to hold this much text?
I hope this was clear.

Strings can hold megabytes. It would be more efficient to use a StringBuilder to build in before creating a String but the savings would not matter in a Student project.

Thanks for all your help guy! My initial problem has been solved.
I'll be on a new thread soom I'm sure!