I need help how to solve this task, I don't know how to solve first part which is for memory location. If someone know please help me. It is very important..

ENTRY RESULTS entrance examination: In memory location X is placed in an entrance exam results in the form:

Indeks - 2 bytes
points - 1 byte

Create a program in 8086, so that the screen will read the number of students placed in memory and then the location PRIEMEN will print the screen line by line


For printing use the macro.
If the memory is written: 2 5 10 0 64 100 ... you need to print:
2 * 256 5 = 517, 2 * 0 64 = 64

517, 10
64, 100

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I posted some comments on the DevShed thread which I hope you'll find useful; I would repost them here, but it would just be a waste of the disk space for Daniweb to duplicate it. Suffice it to say, you need to give us more information before we can help you, starting with whatever code you've already written.

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