I am trying to save database after inserting the records into dataset from external file.... But when I insert records and then try to save it, it does not save...No error comes up though.??? Can you please look into the code and help??

        If file_path = Nothing Then
            Msgbox.Show ("Database file path is not provided!")
        End If
        Using reader As StreamReader = New StreamReader(file_path)
            ficontent = reader.ReadToEnd
        End Using

Dim lines As String() = ficontents.Split(":")
        Dim recs As New DataTable()
        Dim key As String = lines(0).Substring(0, lines(0).ToString.IndexOf("]") + 1)
        lines(0) = lines(0).Remove(0, lines(0).ToString.IndexOf("]") + 1)

            Dim m As Integer = 0
                    For i = 0 To lines.Count - 1 Step 8 '// Add books - 1st part
                        Dim s As String = lines(i).Trim()

                        Dim bool As Boolean = s.ToString.StartsWith("#")
                        If bool = True Then
                            m = i
                            Exit For
                        End If
                        Dim newbkRow As BooksDataSet.BooksRow
                        newbkRow = BooksDataSet1.Books.NewBooksRow
                        newbkRow.ID = lines(i).ToString
                        newbkRow.Name = lines(i + 1).ToString
                        newbkRow._Other_Name_s_ = lines(i + 2)
                        newbkRow.Author = lines(i + 3)
                        newbkRow.Publication_Details = lines(i + 4)
                        newbkRow.ISBN_Number = lines(i + 5)
                        newbkRow._Subjects_Tags = lines(i + 6)
                        newbkRow.Genre = lines(i + 7)
                        '// Save Database

        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

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What database are you using?

You refer to BooksDataSet and BooksDataSet1 what are they? Data sets? should they be the same?

How are you retrieving your data? DataAdapter?

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