hi people..

I was wondering if u experts could help me with this.
I have attached a screenshot of my form.
This is an invoice system..

I have customers table for customer profiles..
I have Products table
I have manufactures table

I want to save all invoices so that these invoices can be retrieved later for viewing in future.

I just dont know what should be the database structure for this..

it was simple for customers, products and manufacturers...
they had cust_id,prod_id and manufact_id..

shall i create another table called invoices and
probable create invoice_id and primary key, but how do i store these values..coz these will be multiple values in single cell..

please help.
any idea is welcome.

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You could create two new tables named Invoice and InvoiceLine. Each invoice would have a unique primary key named Invoice_ID. The fields in this table would contain information relevant to the entire invoice (Customer_ID, date, status, etc). InvoiceLine would have a primary key consisting of Invoice_ID and Line_ID. This table would contain all the info for each invoice item (product id, quantity, unit cost, etc).

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solved my problem

Just make sure you store all the data that are possible to change in the invoices tables, so that you can retrieve the same data as your invoice.
A good example is price, another is customer's info (address might change or whatever).

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@ Reverend Jim : man u solved my problem .!
I see how invoices work now.

thanks a lot buddy


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Thanks In Adv...

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