Please read through the following suggestions before posting in this forum. Questions in this forum are answered by people who generously volunteer their time. Following these guidelines will increase the chances of getting a quick and accurate answer.

  1. Use Search to see if your question has been asked and answered by another user.
  2. Create a meaningful title for your question. "Help" or "Urgent" are likely to be ignored.
  3. Summarize your question in the first sentence of your post. This is what gets displayed in the thread summary page. This makes it easier for everyone to scan the forum.
  4. Please use clear English. Do not use slang or LEET or ALL CAPS. This is not twitter or a chat room. If your question is not clear you may not get the help you seek.
  5. Show us that you have made a serious effort (don't expect us to do the work for you).
  6. Explain what your code is supposed to do as well as what it is doing. If appropriate, include some sample input and what you want as output.
  7. Post all relevent code (commented would be preferred). Do not post extraneous code. If possible, strip your code down to that which illustrates the problem.
  8. If you are having a database problem we may need to see your table structure. If so, post that as well. Include field names and types.
  9. Please include any error messages and the place in the code where the error occurs. There are thousands of ways for code not to work. Be specific.
  10. If you don't have anything useful to add to a thread, don't post in it.
  11. Don't hijack an existing thread with a new question. Start a new thread.
  12. Don't post in solved threads unless you have something significant to add.

And last, but not least, DaniWeb is not the place to go if you want someone to do your homework for you. Any posts that boil down to "I'm too lazy to do this for myself" will either get no response, or more likely, a snide rebuke. The effort you get back will be proportional to the effort you put in.

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agree wih you jim ,

Here, here!


MSgbox("Here, here!!")

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I don't agree. I joined here over a year ago and it seems people have been posting their problems and getting answers just fine. And thats been going on way before I even stumbled across this site.

"Help" or "Urgent" are likely to be ignored.

Bad news. This whole writing will likely be ignored.

Hate to seem like a Grinch but I think people should keep posting the way they feel they should be posting. It has seemed to work thus far. I don't think any user of this site needs Reverend Jim's idea of how to use it. It is a free public site and they should ask questions as they feel comfortable.

This "Read Me" thread that doesn't seem to want to go away: probably should.

This whole writing will likely be ignored.

It very well may be ignored. I am sure it will be by many. Please notice my use of the word "suggestions". These are not rules. I do not feel it is my place to try to impose rules. However, it is my opinion that posting a question in a clear and concise manner greatly increases the odds of getting a complete and accurate answer without a lot of needless back and forth for clarification.

If my suggestions are ignored then so be it. At least I tried.

@Unhnd Exception

I don't see anything out of line with a 'MODERATOR' making suggestions that would streamline the process of problem resolutions and communications. In fact I find part of your response a little disrespectful to Reverend Jim and other MODERATORS that donate their time, knowledge and efforts in assisting others. This is a 'community'; not just a 'free public site' protected by the Constitution.

SW Developemnt is all about logic and that logic is even more important when effectively solving problems. Why should we attempt to use logic to build our app and then resort to panic & scattered gibberish to fix it?

Some of us scour the many titles and/or headings to see if something is there that can enlighten us. I'm sure Jim didn't mean that the words Help & Urgent should not be used at all.

"Help with DataGridView index" will get my attention.
"HELP, I'm screwed. Homework due tomorrow, URGENT" is one I'll pass over.

There is alot to learn from here and improve our skills. Keeping it as clear, concise and relevent as possible only makes the process work smoother.

Jim, thanks for your suggestions.....I subscribe to it.

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