Hi Guys

[B]I must ask everyone bear with me regarding my idea it needs a bit of explaining before it makes sense[/B] to start this is totally a project in my own time for my own learning and development in programming it is being done for my employer but I haven't been asked to do it.

In my job as part of everyday work we use 2 separate tools to collect and gather customer information and to verify when we access sensitive information.

The first is an electronic log sheet used to input such details as name, date of birth, telephone numbers, reference numbers and information regarding the call ( I work taking customer telephone calls) we use this as proof of access it is sent at the end of each day and kept for reference

The second is a notification tool used to gather customer information we take change of account details, addresses,admission to hospital and nursing homes and email this to specific coded inbox identifiable by 3 digit capital codes such as AAA.

Both of these programs or tools have been created using Visual Basic built into Excel 2002 (this is what my work uses) we are due to upgrade to Office 2010 very soon but my idea is to complete start from scratch for both tools using Java, I am currently trying to learn Java using a combination of youtube videos (thenewboston) pdf files and books I am slowly grasping the language and enjoying it.

My main questions are

[B]Is it possible to build such a tool my thought process is if VB can do it so can Java am I right??

Am I taking on to much as a newbie starting out just learning a language info on the internet says when learning a new language having a project is a good idea??

We currently use a Java program in work that stores customer details would more than one Java program conflict as we have issues in the past with spreadsheets shutting down or not storing the information and it having to be re-done??[/B]

I have managed to get access to one of the tools and am sending it to my home system to look at the code and get an understanding of how it's been made the other one the notification tool is a bit harder as the guy that made it has password protected the code bit harder to get access too.

I have a lot more information currently in the process of being planned out considering I only thought of this today it amazing how fast and idea snowballs

If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated and how I should go about this project should I learn a bit more Java first or start out smaller or do it in stages and if you want any more information re the tools or anything please ask..

Look forward to your replies.

I'm also a beginner like you, and I started learning by doing a registration system. As they say, nothing beats experience as a learning tool, so if you think you can learn by doing that project, then do it. There are lots of articles and people here to help you. So I wish you all the luck for your project :))

well, if you plan to write a functional application in java, knowing how to write decent java code is a must.
when you feel your knowledge of core java is sound enough to start on it, first create a decent analysis. that will tell you what object's you need to create, what methods they should have, how they should be linked and what business logic you need.

it'll be a lot easier to write an application than to just guess about what you need.

By analysis do you mean an analysis of the project how I want it to work, what I want it to do etc??

well, yes. I doubt an analysis of the genetical structure of the Bolivian goldfish would help you out in any way.
first thing to do: write down in English exactly what your application should do.
the noun's you'll have in your text will be the Objects (and primitives, off course) you'll need to use.
the verbs 'll show you what methods.

Thanks that makes a lot of sense will do that.