What is the difference between java and java script ? No Google Use :)

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Java is an actualy programming language to make fully functional programs isnt it and JavaScript is a scripting language used to style webpages and not functionality.

I could well be wrong

java is programming platform for various types of development(enterprise,mobile,games) where as javascript is scripting language for client side scripting i. e. web development.....

ChrisHunter: javascript can be used for functional tasks as well, css is more style related.

java and javascript may have a lot of similarities, still they are different languages. whereas you can write complete software packages using java, both in a web application as stand alone desktop application, javascript code is a scripting language that can only be used in a web application.

javascript provides client-side functionality (which can be risky, if you use it for validation, since javascript can be disabled in the users browser) while java (in a web app) would be used server-side.

First off, they are completely unrelated languages; Java was developed out of a language called Oak by Sun Microsystems, while JavaScript was created by Netscape Communications. while they share some common syntax, most of that commonality was inherited independently from C++. 'JavaScript' isn't even the original name of the language (it was initially named 'LiveScript' by its developers at Netscape), and even now its formal name is actually ECMAscript. Strictly speaking, the name 'JavaScript' refers to the Mozilla Foundation's implementation of the ECMA standard, though nearly everyone just calls it JavaScript regardless of the platform.

The languages are technically quite different as well. Java is a fully object-oriented language (sort of), uses a class system for inheritance, and is usually implemented using a bytecode compiler. JavaScript is usually (indeed, always AFAIK) a directly interpreted language, and is primarily used in a procedural style but with functional and object-oriented facilities (by way of closures), and inheritance is through prototypes (there is a newer version that has a class structure, but that never got widely accepted). The language support facilities are radically different, with the Java library being rich and sprawling, but without any overall top-down design principles, while the JavaScript library is much more constrained, and based on the Document Object Model developed for browser-oriented development.

This brings us to the last major difference: Java is by and large a standalone language, with facilities for running 'applets' inside of browsers but not being tied to browsers specifically; whereas JavaScript is (almost) invariably associated with client-side browser programming.

As a side use for javascript, it is a supported scripting language in the Unity3D game engine! So if you ever want to make cool games, you can do it in javascript, which is pretty awesome if you think about it!

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