Hi, I am looking for some help with a few things, and I am not sure if they are difficult to do or even possible?

  1. I need to be able to open a selected file (upon the user selecting it from his/her computer) in different browsers (CHROME, FIREFOX etc)
    I have downloaded the portable versions and placed and have figured out how to get them to open, but am not sure how to open the file selected in each seperate browser.

  2. is it possible to dictate the position and size of each window that opens? Because preferably I would like to be able to divide the screen up with each of the browsers selected.


Most browsers can be opened with a URL as a parameter using the Process.start() method e.g. Process.start('firefox.exe', 'someURL'). As you will be opening them as their own processes when you do this you won't be able to control where they open (I don't think).