There has been a doubt on DataTable.Select method.
I do not get an expected result when i query a datatable, if there is an 'AND' condition, i do not get a resultant data back into rows again.
The code i have done is

                        // clone to get the structure copied.
                        dtTopologyActive = dtTopologyDevices.Clone();
                        string strSelect = "DeviceId =" + int.Parse(strDevId) + " AND Feederstatus not in (" + strFeedStat + ")";
                      // drActiveDevices the datarow[] 
                        drActiveDevices = dtTopologyDevices.Select(strSelect);
                        foreach (DataRow row in drActiveDevices)
                      // removing the rest of the entries for a particular device.
                        drAct = dtTopologyDevices.Select("DeviceId =" + int.Parse(strDevId));// AND Feederstatus in (" + strFeedStat + ")");
                        for (int i = 0; i < drAct.Length; i++)
                      // Adding the datarow (required) back to the main datatable.
                        foreach (DataRow row in dtTopologyActive.Rows)

Please find the attachments.


Thanks for help.

tell us what EXACTLY IS that you want from the filering. Select query is doing EXACTLY what you tell it. And it does 100% fine.
The problem is only in your string.

To blindly guess what do you need is:

string strSelect = string.Format("DeviceId = '{0}' AND Feederstatus <>'{1}'", int.Parse(strDevId), strFeedStat);

<> means IS NOT equal.

Is there something else you want to use Feederstatus field?