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Are you trying to ask how to make one? or are you going to edit with tutorial? Please clear things up before posting.



I don't get this thread. The first post is very non-descriptive and then the 3rd question wants the same non-descriptive thing. Given that this is sort of an open forum where there are VBA questions mixed into the frey, what is it you (Maj.Clac & cathekitten) really want? Also, have either of you even tried to create a user form?


Login form is different and user registration is different

Login form-
Create a form with the basic requirements like
two labels as username and password....
two textboxes for entering username and password
three buttons for login, closing form and one for reset....

Make the database connection....
Validate if the user is there in database and then login else error msg box

User Registration-
First make sure of the requirements of the user like firstname, lastname, email, username, password, confirm password....

Validation for email, check username if already in database, strong password if required....

creating new users....
database connection insert query

deleting users....
database connection
delete user according to username....

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