I have been working on my batch script for a while now.
I am working on a .bat script that will automatically deploy/execute stuff. For that, it will just ask for user input for once. That user input will be consist of 2 parts: file directory (where the file is) and the file name(which file to be executed).
Since there are different environments, the original batch file requires the user to open several cmd windows and enter those inputs each time.
What I want it to do is just open 1 window, ask for user input once --> store it in somewhere --> execute the first job --> close it --> go and grab that user input for the next job --> so on.

This is what i have so far:

ECHO -+-+-  Ready for DDL Deployment  -+-+-

SET fileloc=%1
SET filenm=%2

DEL c:\temp\Deployment\run_dev.txt

REM Loggin on and appending it to the file
ECHO .LOGON abc/username,password; >> run_dev.txt

REM Setting a maximum error severity level beyond which BTEQ terminates job processing
ECHO .SET maxerror 1 ; >> run_dev.txt

ECHO Please enter the file directory followed by the file name:
ECHO .RUN FILE C:\DWR\some ddl\%fileloc%\%filenm%_DEV.sql; >> run_dev.txt

As you can see, I have two variables: one for file location --> fileloc, second one for the name -->filenm (all the files have the same name with different endings, that's why i want to store it and use it for the rest of it, to make it more user friendly).

any ideas?
Thanks in advance :)