following the article title, I'm dealing with octave, it goes right on command line. but I need to build GUI for my program to easier interface with people. then I chose Java to build GUI. my problem is to connect my GUI java to Octave. Anybody has ideas to do that?

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If the command line interface has all the needed functionality, then you can use the Java ProcessBuilder class to drive octave's command line interface "behind the scenes" and retrieve all its output for display in your GUI.
You'll find tutorials and samples on the web.
ps: don't be distracted by references to Runtime.exec - this is an old class that was replaced by ProcessBuilder a few years ago.

also: a good advice for a next thread. when you say "interface", a lot of us will misunderstand your question.if you are talking about a Swing interface, it is better to refer to a "user interface" or a "graphical user interface"

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