Hello guys,

I need to develop my own peap protocol. I've found some source code to inspect, but i dont know how to compile it. In Linux? In Visual Studio C?
Please help me. I'm getting so pressed :s

Here is the source codes :
client : http://www.codeforge.com/article/116327
server : http://www.codeforge.com/article/116325

Thank you ;

That is the code for wpa_supplicant which is the main GNU/Linux wireless network code to deal with secure wireless networks (I'm writing this right now through a wpa-supplicant connection). It apparently works under Windows too, but it is probably going to be harder to get it to compile. And if you have Linux, you can simply download the sources from repository (from the package manager).

But, in any case, the code is all in C, and comes with a Makefile. You should be able to simply issue the make command from a terminal (command-prompt) within the source folder (top-folder). Of course, this presupposes that you have "make" installed, and it comes with GCC (and many other compiler suites). Visual Studio C can also compile it (e.g., execute the makefile instructions). I suggest you read the README file and other compilation instruction from wpa-supplicant project itself.

Thank you very much for your attention.

I have Ubuntu, I have been trying for a week in Ubuntu but couldn't manage to compile. I also tried to make the makefile but didn't succedded:(

I dont know what to do..

First, make sure you follow the README instructions on Building and Installing here.

If you can't get it to compile, it is probably a dependency issue. If you can find any more wpa-supplicant documentation on the dependencies required for compilation, make sure you follow them exactly. For the most part, you should be able to find packages through the software center for each dependency (make sure to download the -dev packages).

Then, check out the developer's documentation.